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About CZB

The compelling history of Christian Center Berlin spans seven decades, marked by unique turning points and remarkable personalities. Its origins lie in the mission of Harold Herman, who came to Berlin as a missionary after the war. From the early days of tent missions on Potsdamer Platz to today's Kirche am Südstern, the narrative documents the profound transformation of the congregation. Successes, challenges, and the significant roles played by various pastors, including Volkhard Spitzer, Peter Dippl, Dr. Paul Nogossek, and Slaviša Vuković, paint a unique and multifaceted picture of this extraordinary journey of faith. In this journey, unwavering faith, love for people, and steadfastness in serving the community are reflected.

CZB History 
From the tent mission to the church at Südstern

Harold Herman

The history of Christian Center Berlin began around 70 years ago when Harold Herman, a former prominent Hollywood cameraman, came to Berlin as a missionary after the war. Renowned for his tent evangelism on Potsdamer Platz at the sector border, he attracted masses of people and led approximately 24,000 Berliners to a life with Jesus Christ between 1952 -1956.

Volkhard Spitzer

In 1964, 21-year-old Volkhard Spitzer was appointed by Harold Herman as the head pastor to lead the congregation. After six years of intense prayer, a remarkable change occurred in 1971 when young people struggling with drugs started attending services. The Jesus People movement began, young individuals found freedom in Jesus, and the congregation experienced a breakthrough.

Peter Dippl

After 22 years at Christian Center, Volkhard Spitzer handed over the congregation to Pastor Peter Dippl in 1986. Under his leadership, the teaching of God's word was emphasized, ecumenism was promoted, and many daughter churches were established. Initiatives such as missionary work among the homeless and asylum seekers were initiated, significantly supported by Dr. Paul Nogossek. During the 1989/1990 reunification, the congregation opened its doors to people from East and West. Dr. Paul Nogossek left Christian Center in 1999 and is now the pastor of a growing congregation in the northern part of the capital.

Slaviša Vuković

Slaviša Vuković, who had gained experience as a home group leader and elder since the late seventies, was ordained as a pastor in April 2001. In January 2003, he assumed the role of head pastor. In mutual agreement, Pastor Volkhard Spitzer returned in August 2004 and became the head pastor. However, by 2005, divergent views on leadership understanding between the eldership and Pastor Spitzer became apparent, leading to a separation. The eldership then re-elected Pastor Slaviša Vuković as the lead pastor and chairman of the community board. The church's work is fundamentally based on the five pillars of the community vision, see the Community Vision button.

In October 2023, Pastor Slaviša Vuković handed over the head pastor role to Pastor David Aganyi Angari, who, along with the pastors and eldership, now leads Christian Center Berlin, continuing the community vision with a focus on getting to know Christ and making Christ known.

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